Aloha and welcome to Godspeed Adventures! We love Hawaii... and we love adventure too! If you are looking for some adventure, serious fun and the most memorable experience ever on Oahu, you just found it!

We offer a number of unique and amazing adventure activities so feel free to browse our website, watch some videos and check out the pics of our recent adventure tours... everything you see was captured by us over the last year! 

Watch this 90-second "Bucket-List" Adventure Tour video to see what we offer!

Our concept is simple… you can pick a single “all-day” adventure activity or create your own “Bucket-List” day of adventures with 3, 7 or even up to 10 adventure activities! Wanna save money? The more you do and/or the larger your party, the less each activity costs!

For example; If you are a couple that wants to do a half-day kayaking adventure plus an epic half-day hiking adventure which cost $200ea ($400 total)... You will save $100ea by combining them into one day for only $300ea. PLUS, if there are more people in your group, like 4-7 people that same day of adventure drops to only $250ea, saving $150ea!

All of our tours are private (everyone in your party) and all posted prices reflect that. If you want, we also offer semi-private tours where we can try to get “like-minded,” fun and adventurous people (like you!) on your adventure tour (your call) bringing everyone’s cost down as illustrated above.

As you browse our site and create your “Bucket-List” Adventure tour keep in mind you don’t have to do everything in one day. Many people like to spread their “Bucket-List” Adventures out over a few days so they can spend more time on each adventure, plus relax a bit in between. Call, text or email us today for a quote on your custom “Bucket-List” Adventure tour!

Other than jumping from the airplane and a few advanced hikes, most adventure tours are suitable for ages 5 to 85. We have very “family friendly” adventure tour combinations that everyone will love. So, “buckle-up buttercup”… we’re going for a ride!

Check out these pics from some recent "Bucket-List" Adventure tours...

"Security is mostly a superstition. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."  > Helen Keller