Day 6: Sunday, April 10th “South Side/Waikiki Adventure”.

  • Diamond Head Hiking Adventure
  • Surfing Adventure
  • SUP/SUP-Surf Adventure
  • Canoe-Surfing Adventure
  • Parasailing Adventure
  • Sunset Catamaran “Booze-Cruise” Sailing Adventure
  • “Duke’s on Sunday” Beach Party & Dinner Adventure

Hey, are you okay? Ah, feeling a little rough from last night huh? Good news, all we gotta do is roll outta bed, down the street and bam! we are there on Waikiki Beach! This is the day for our “Waikiki Adventure”. Ah, but you do have to hike up Diamond Head Crater first and sweat all that alcohol out! Or... go back to bed and meet us after. From there we head to the harbor where we will board my friend Tom’s parasailing boat and head offshore of Waikiki Beach and go Parasailing, to the highest level of 1,000-feet! If you are really good looking, you get to go 1,001 feet! I haven’t been up that high unfortunately... Then we will head to Waikiki Beach where we take Surf lessons, Stand-Up Paddle lessons / SUP-Surf lessons, Canoe Surfing, basket weaving lessons, synchronized swimming lessons, kazoo lessons, (okay kidding about the last 3; just wanted to see if you are paying attention. We will spend the rest of the day on Waikiki in front of Dukes perfecting our new found skills. Then we will board the Kepokai Catamaran for a sunset “booze cruise” sail. We will also attend the big beach party at Dukes Waikiki known here as “Duke’s on Sunday” where Kapono and band will be performing, just for us! … and a few hundred other people. We will have a table down on the beach/patio level where we will have dinner that evening. Oh no, it’s our last night!!! Maybe I will read everyone a bedtime story… or maybe we can all check out some of the video footage and pics of our epic week? Yeah, the story it is… ;)