Green Sea Turtle Snorkeling Adventure

After the Dolphin swim we drive down the coast a bit to another beach location known for the "Turtle Spa", or "Turtle Town" where green sea turtles come to get their shells cleaned by the fish as they eat the algae off their shells. As long as conditions allow, we can do our snorkeling adventure on a year-round basis.

Want to know more about these beautiful creatures?

The Hawaiian green turtle is genetically distinct from the other green sea turtle populations, nesting primarily in the French Frigate Shoals of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands and feeding in the coastal areas of the main Hawaiian Islands. This species was in a steep decline as of the 1970s because of direct harvest of both turtles and eggs by humans. The population has grown steadily over the last thirty years after protection began in 1978.

A typical adult green turtle has a carapace length of 40 inches and can weigh from 200-500 lbs. The lifespan for sea turtles is thought to be around 60-70 years.

Green turtles become sexually mature at 25-35 years, and some may be as old as 40 before being able to reproduce. The length of reproductivity has been estimated to range from 17 to 23 years. They return to nesting beaches to lay eggs every two to three years and will deposit three to six clutches per nesting season with an average of twelve days in between. Each clutch consists of about 100 eggs that will incubate for 60 days. They migrate to feed mainly in the coastal areas of the Main Hawaiian Islands.