Olomana Hike

Mount Olomana or simply “Olomana” is a set of three mountainous peaks on the windward side of Oahu near Kailua and Waimanalo. The Olomana Hike is one of the top hikes on Oahu if you are looking for a challenging hike with unbelievable views. The trail that spans the three peaks is approximately 2.5 miles with an elevation gain of 1,643 feet. The terrain is rugged with many areas only passable with the aid of ropes. This is considered an advanced hike and can be very dangerous. There are points along the hiking trail that are only 3-4 feet wide and drop off approximately 1,000 feet on both sides.

If you aren't afraid of heights and are comfortable with some moderate rock climbing, then the Olomana hike should be at the top of your bucket-list. The first peak is amazing enough and where most people stop… However, if you want to continue farther, the trail gets even more intense and advanced as you move to concur the other two peaks. Please allow 3-4 hours to do round trip hike to first peak, 6-7 hours to do all three peaks.