About Us, well... me!

Robert Crevier - C.E.O. – Chief Extreme Officer

Godspeed Adventures was created by Robert Crevier in 2013. After visiting the Hawaiian Islands as a child with his family 40-years ago, Robert absolutely fell in love with the beautiful islands the good Lord created. Robert is also the owner and Executive Producer of World Media Productions and creator of the Video Postcard of the Hawaiian Islands film series; focusing on Hawaiian history, culture and all the sights of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands.

Robert launched the first Video Postcard of the Hawaiian Islands back in 2001 featuring the island of Oahu. Since then, Robert produced 7 more films featuring all of the Hawaiian Islands and has manufactured 21 retail products as a result. The films are placed on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc and placed in custom postcards and sold in over 300 retail stores like ABC Stores and many others. Robert had commuted from Orange County, CA (where he was born and raised) to Hawaii for this business from 2001 until 2011 when he made the permanent move to Oahu, HI.  

In 2011 Robert began a 2-year journey filming to update all of the Hawaii film productions and products and launched the new HD film series on both DVD and Blu-Ray Disc. You can see scenes from the films at: www.videopostcard.com

Robert has always been an extremist of sorts. Robert raced cars and started skydiving back in 1992 and has logged in over 1,500 skydives from various types of aircraft and did some base jumping with a leap off Angel Falls, the world's highest waterfall in Venezuela being his first. Robert also loved doing things in the outdoors like hiking, kayaking, surfing, paddle boarding, cliff jumping, sailing, etc. especially in Hawaii.

The most exciting part of any of these adventures was sharing the experience with someone who had never done the activity or at least not in Hawaii. Since Robert had a very extensive knowledge of the Hawaiian Islands having filmed and documenting them for years, it just seemed like a natural fit for Robert to show people the beauty of Hawaii in a more "adventurous way”… The signs were clear and in 2013 Godspeed Adventures was born.

Blah, blah, blah... who really cares, right? We are wasting precious time here; let's just go on an adventure now!

Q. Robert, why did you write this "in the third person?"  

A. Don't worry about it.  

A few pics and video of Robert's jumps "back in the day" ... and yesterday...

Check out this video featuring a few of Robert's jumps & his first BASE jump off Angel Falls, (world's highest waterfall in Venezuela, shot for a National Geographic TV special) 

Check out the Video Postcard of the Hawaiian Islands film trailer... We love Hawaii and this video proves it.

Check out the promo video for World Media Productions