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Mahalo for coming to my website, I really want to hear from you! Please note that right now I am probably driving around and sharing this amazing island with some awesome people just like you… Or perhaps we are jumping from a plane, off a cliff, swimming with sharks or dolphins, kayaking out to a remote island, hiking through the rainforest to a waterfall, surfing or something else adventurous… So, I may not be able to respond to your email, text or phone call right away because I give my customers my undivided attention when I am on my tours; just like I will (hopefully get the chance to) do with you soon! I will definitely get back to you ASAP, could be within an hour, maybe a few more but no later than this evening when I wrap up my adventure tour...

Simply tell me what tour(s) you are interested in, the date(s) you would prefer and I will immediately make note of it and block that date(s) out for you and then get back to you later with all the details and then we can officially confirm your awesome day of adventure! Sound good?

Mahalo for your time and I look forward to meeting you soon!


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