CIRCLE-ISLAND-ADVENTURE full-day private adventure TOUR

$295EA 1-3 PEOPLE > $250ea 4-6 people > $200EA 7-10 PEOPLE > $185ea 11 or more people

See, explore and discover all the majestic beauty and adventure of Oahu in one amazing day! Oh, the places we will go! This island will truly take your breath away and you really can see and do it all! It's really not even a tour, it's an adventure!

Check out this 90-Second Godspeed Adventures Circle-Island Adventure Information video!

Our private, Circle-Island-Adventure Tour is our most popular tour is like no other allowing us to customize the tour and explore places around the island based on your interests, desires and your physical capabilities. We will see the popular tourist landmark locations and then (and better yet) those “off the beaten path” too! 

Throughout the day you will learn all about the sites and the rich Hawaiian history and culture. Since we have made many award-winning films and documentaries about Hawaiian history, culture and the islands over the last 15-years we are well-qualified and honored to share the amazing stories with you. 

An option to consider is bringing kayaks and/or paddle boards with us and stop along the way for some water adventures. We can also incorporate several beautiful hikes along the way too.

Pick-up time can be between 8-9AM and return time around 5-6PM. Truth is, we are usually on no time constraints and we move at your pace... many tours have been known to go 10 hours or more, so if you're having fun, we're having fun and we really don't want to stop at all! To really see and explore the island right, we need a full day. But if you only have a half day then we can make the most of it by focusing on what interests you most. Let's go discover places few ever get to see and make this the best day of your trip!