Day 2: Wednesday, April 6th “North Shore Adventures”.

  • Shark-Cage-Adventure
  • Skydiving Adventure
  • North Shore Kayaking/SUP Adventure
  • Snorkeling Adventure
  • Cliff-Jumping Adventure
  • Explore the town of Haleiwa

Let’s get this party started North Shore style! Best to start by throwing you all into a cage with 15-20 big sharks swarming all around you to get the blood pumping…Hey, it’s better than being thrown into the lion’s den; at least there is a cage here! Although there is an option without the cage too. Seriously, there is. The 2-hr Shark-Cage Adventure is 3-miles off the coast of Haleiwa Harbor... Make sure you get back on the boat before we leave, that's a long swim and we are taking the cage back with us! ;) 

Then we will head over to Dillingham Airfield for yep, you guessed it; Skydiving from 14,000+feet!!! Then we will head to the far end of the North Shore where we will do a 1-way kayaking and SUP adventure down the coast from Sunset Beach, to Pipeline, to Sharks-Cove (no sharks are really there, bummer) where we will snorkel and catch some rays. Then we continue down the coast to Waimea Bay where we cliff-jump and swim around “the rock”. From there we head down the coast a bit further to swim and snorkel with large Green Sea Turtles at Lanikea Beach, then a stop in the rustic surfer town of Haleiwa before heading back to Waikiki.