Day 5: Saturday, April 9th “Windward (Eastside) Adventures” and “Nightclub Adventure”.

  • Partial Circle-Island-Adventure Tour
  • Lanikai Pillbox Hiking Adventure
  • Moku Nui Island Kayaking/SUP/Snorkeling/Cliff-Jumping Adventure

Everything okay so far? Is this too much for you? If you are getting tiered just reading this then this tour probably isn’t for you… But if it gets you excited and pumped up knowing you are going to experience the most incredible, adventurous things in beautiful Hawaii with really cool people (like you) then let’s keep this adventure party train rolling!!! On this day we drive around the scenic Southeast coastline, stop at a few places to explore secret caves, Halona Cove/Blowhole, Sandy’s Beach, Waimanalo Beach, before we drive to Kailua and into Lanikai. We will hike Lanikai Pillbox for some awesome panoramic views, then head down to Lanikai Beach where we will launch kayaks/SUP’s for our “Moku Nui Island Adventure” (my favorite spot in all of Hawaii!) Once we arrive on this amazing island we can snorkel, surf, SUP-Surf, Kayak Surf and just hang out for the ultimate beach party as we soak up the sun and the magnificent views back towards the main island.

Of course this experience would not be complete without going around the back side of the island to the beautiful emerald-green cove for some swimming and some awesome cliff-Jumping! Forget everything your mother ever told you as a little kid… You know what she said; “don’t climb so high on rocks, you will hurt yourself!” and “don’t jump from way up there, it’s too high and you will kill yourself!” and we heard this one a thousand times; “don’t’ drink beer and cliff jump at the same time, it won’t settle well in your belly!” … Mom’s… what do they know? You listen to me; Just jump!!!

Nightlife Celebration:

  • Table/Bottle Service Nightclub Adventure

Saturday Night we will get a table/bottle service at either the New Sky Nightclub or Rum Fire Nightclub and party/dance the night away! Why? Because if you make it this far it means you are still alive!! Isn’t that worth celebrating? Yes, this is included in the adventure package! (not just the surviving part, but the nightclub experience!) However, Base-Jumping later that evening is optional ;)