Moku Nui

Nā Mokulua (meaning, "the two islands" in Hawaiian) are two islets .75miles off the windward coast of Oahu, commonly known as "The Mokes". They are both seabird sanctuaries, the smaller, Moku Iki is off-limits to visitors, as is the interior of the larger island; Moku Nui. 

Moku Nui Island is a very special place that very few people have ever been to. It is a relatively easy island to reach via kayak or paddle board depending on weather and surf conditions. Our new 2-man "sit on top" kayaks are very easy to navigate and are perfect for first-timers/beginner's or the more experienced.  It takes approximately 30-minutes to casually kayak out 3/4th a mile before we reach the island. No prior experience is necessary but this will require some (not a great deal) of physical effort. If you want something easy and more relaxing you may consider kayaking to Mokoli’i or up one of the rivers or canals.

There is a beautiful sandy beach out there where we set everything up to enjoy the breath taking views looking back to the main island. We soak in the sunshine and have a nice picnic lunch on the beach. The ocean swells hit the rocky backside of the island creating a wrap-around effect bringing the waves together on the beach side as they collide together and very impressive to watch. We can kayak-surf, paddleboard, paddle-surf on the front side of the island. The waters are very clear and filled with Green Sea Turtles and many types of colorful reef fish, perfect for snorkeling.

Then we can explore the island and visit “Queen’s Bath” and go around the backside of the island (weather and surf conditions permitting) where you will discover a beautiful, emerald-green cove and swim in the beautiful waters. If you are really adventurous then we can cliff-jump from levels ranging from 12 to 60-feet. This true Hawaiian adventure is best enjoyed as a full-day adventure but a half-day adventure is an option.

Check out these cool pics of cool people having the time of their lives!