Mokoliʻi Island (a.k.a. “Chinaman’s Hat”)

Mokoliʻi Island is a 12.5-acre, 206-foot-tall (63m) basalt island 1/3 miles (0.54 km) offshore of Kualoa Point, Oahu. It is also known as "Chinaman's Hat" for its likeness to the straw hats Chinese immigrants wore. This can be enjoyed as a full-day adventure but better suited for a half-day adventure combined with other adventures. Our new 2-man "sit on top" kayaks are very easy to navigate and are perfect for first-timers/beginner's or the more experienced.  

It takes approximately 20-minutes to casually kayak out 1/3rd a mile from Kualoa Park before we reach the island. No prior experience is necessary and won’t require a great deal of physical effort. There is a little beach on the ocean-facing side, nestled within a secluded cove accompanied by a few coconut palms. Making it to the top of the island's steep cone is not too much of a challenge, taking about 20-minutes. The views looking back to Oahu are amazing of the Koolau Mountains, Mokapu Peninsula, Kaneohe, Kahaluu, and Kailua.  This is another true Hawaiian Adventure! 

Archaeologists discovered that Mokoli’i and the Kualoa area are of historic importance. Evidence has shown that Kualoa was the training ground for Oahu's high chiefs. It was also the residence of Kualii, first king of Oahu. The eastern part of Mokoli’I Island was a quarry and basalt taken from it was used to make adze for Hawaiians warriors. 

Check out these pics of cool cats out at the hat to see and learn more!