Kick-Ass Video $200

"Photographs are moments in time, captured and holding still... to reflect and remember how precious life is... to be forever cherished"  > Robert Crevier

We were in the film production business long before we started having this much fun! Our professional High-Definition video and still photography production captures your entire day and each of the extreme activities you experienced to be treasured for a lifetime… especially when you’re really old and can’t do this stuff anymore. Your HD video is professionally edited and upload to our video servers where we host the video and send you the link for you to post to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and digitally download to your computer and personal devices. This truly is a "Kick-Ass-Video" you will want. Also available on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc. 

Awesome day with Miguel & Friends out at the "Mokes"... check out this video!

Angel, Angelina, Tara & Jenn from Canada had an awesome time...

Miguel's "Bucket-List" tour was memorable!

Christian & Julie celebrated their 8-year anniversary in style! Check out their "Bucket-List" tour video!

Fiaz & Adam from Singapore had a blast, check out their "Bucket-List" tour video!

Check out Michael's video of his "Bucket-List" tour!

Check out these other videos that showcase just how beautiful and fun Oahu really is...

When in Hawaii, if you happen to ever see an ABC Store (largest retail chain in Hawaii) or most any gift shop for that matter, chances are you will see those Video Postcards (DVD’s/Blu-Ray inside custom designed postcards)… Well, we made those films about Hawaiian history, culture and all the sights of the Hawaiian Islands. Check them out at What does that have to do with Godspeed Adventures? We have taken our film making skills, equipment and software to make amazing kick-ass videos of your tour! 

Just a few pics from the Video Postcard of the Hawaiian Islands production shoot. 

Yep, we made these cool videos so we are qualified to make yours too! Check out and learn more at:  

If you haven't already checked out the Godspeed Adventures promo video, do it now!