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"Bucket-List" Adventure Options


"Bucket-List" Adventure Options


Aloha and welcome to Godspeed Adventures! If you are looking for some adventure, serious fun and the most memorable experience ever in Hawaii, you just found it!

We offer a number of unique and amazing adventure activities so feel free to browse our website, watch some videos and check out the pics of our recent tours. 

Watch this 90-second "Bucket-List" Adventure Tour video to see what we offer!

Our concept is simple… you can pick a single “all-day” adventure activity or create your own “Bucket-List” day of adventures with 3, 7 or even up to 10 adventure activities! The more you do and the larger your party (up to 7 people) the less each activity costs so you save a lot of money.

For example; If you are a couple that wants to do a half-day kayaking adventure and one of our epic half-day hiking adventures, both of which cost $175ea ($350 total), you will save $100ea by combining them into one day so your entire day of adventure is only $250ea. PLUS, the more people in your group, the lower the cost. If there are 4-7 people in your group that same adventure tour drops to only $200ea saving $150ea!

All of our tours are private (everyone in your party) and the posted prices reflect that. We also offer semi-private tours (1-3 additional people) where we can try to get “like-minded,” fun and adventurous people like you on the same tour if you wish which brings everyone’s tour cost down. So if an all-day adventure tour costs $250ea for 2 people in your party and we add another couple (per you’re approval), the price drops down to $200ea saving each couple $100.

You don’t have to do everything in one day, you can also spread your “Bucket-List” adventure tour out over a few days too. Call, text or email us today for a quote on your custom “Bucket-List” adventure tour.

Other than jumping from the airplane and a few advanced hikes, most adventure tours are suitable for ages 5 to 95. We have very “family friendly” adventure tour combinations that everyone will love. So, “buckle-up buttercup”… we’re going for a ride!

Want to do something really extreme? Our signature tour is our 1-Day Full "Bucket-List Adventure Tour" consisting of 10 amazing adventure activities! You can do everything on the list below or you can substitute one activity for another as long as we can fit it all into one amazing day. If one person in your party wants to all the extreme adventures and the other doesn’t, they can “ride along” as a companion deciding along the way what activities they wish to participate in.

Now, this extreme “Bucket-List” adventure tour moves fast! If you prefer to slow down a bit and enjoy a particular activity a bit longer and spend more time exploring the island then we suggest you create your very own “Bucket-List” adventure tour by choosing any combination of our adventure activities that interest you!

1-Day Full “Bucket List” Extreme Hawaii Adventure Tour:

Skydiving… On the North Shore of Oahu from 14,000 feet.

Shark-Cage Dive… 3-miles off the coast of the North Shore Oahu.

Cliff-Jumping… Off “The Rock” at world-famous, monster surf location; Waimea Bay. Optional: Cliff Jumping from the backside of Moku Nui Island.

Kayak & Hike… To the remote island (Mokoli’i, a.k.a. “Chinaman’s Hat") and hike to the peak. Optional: Kayak out to the island of Moku Nui. Paddle-boarding to either island is also an option.

Zip Line… In Kaneohe Bay.

Circle-Island-Adventure tour… Throughout the day we will see and discover many landmark and hidden places all around the island since our route takes us from the South shore, through the middle of the island, along the famous North Shore and all the way down the Windward (East) shoreline.

Surf (SUP-Surf)… World-Famous Waikiki Beach.

Stand-Up Paddleboard/Surf… World-Famous Waikiki Beach.

Outrigger-Canoe Surf… World-Famous Waikiki Beach.

Sunset Sailing… World-Famous Waikiki Beach. Optional: Parasailing off Waikiki Beach.

Party/Celebration… At World-Famous Dukes Canoe Club Restaurant & Bar. This is optional, but why wouldn't you?

A companion can “ride along" and tour price INCLUDES all adventures listed above except Skydiving & Shark Cage Diving which can be added/purchased on-location if you change your mind and if space is available. You can also ride in the plane but not skydive or go out on the boat but not get in the shark-cage. Both packages include all beverages, snacks, lunch & transportation.

1-Day Full “Bucket List” Extreme Hawaii Adventure Tour Includes: 

  • Pick-up, transportation to all locations around the island and back.
  • Kayaks, paddleboards, all gear.  
  • Guided tour around the island. 
  • Very nice picnic lunch.
  • Various snacks to include chips, nuts, trail mix, fruit and beverages to include water, flavored water, soda, beer, wine and more.
  • Ice chests, ice, beach chairs, towels and water shoes.
  • We take photos and video of the entire day so all you have to do is enjoy your adventure tour.
  • Memories of a lifetime. 

Optional: We INCLUDE photos in the tour package price but you might want to think about getting our "Kick-Ass-Hollywood-Video" for only $200.00 extra. It proves you actually went on our tours & makes all your friends back home really jealous.  


Let's Play! Watch this short Godspeed Adventures promo video to see the highlights of our full "Bucket-List" Extreme Adventure Tour...

"Security is mostly a superstition. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."  > Helen Keller

"Do one thing every day that scares you."  > Eleanor Roosevelt

Enough said.


Full Bucket List Tour
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Bucket List Tour Companion
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"The way to develop self-confidence is to do the things you fear and get a record of successful experiences behind you. Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved."  > William Jennings Bryan

"Can't stop living for the fear of dying" > Robert Crevier

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Skydiving Adventure

Skydiving Adventure

Skydiving $200

"Leap and the net will appear." > Zen Saying 

 Let’s take the leap and experience the thrill of skydiving over the spectacular North Shore of Oahu!

Check out this 1-minute Godspeed Adventures Skydiving Information video!

Skydiving Adventure Includes: 

Pick-up, transportation to North Shore Dillingham Airfield and back to Waikiki.

Priority V.I.P. service so you are in and out sooner and not waiting for what can typically be a few hours. 

Tandem skydive from 14,000ft or higher guaranteed providing 60+ seconds of "free-fall" time.

We go in the same plane and jump out with your group.

Beverages, snacks and lunch. 

Memories of a lifetime. 

*Please note that you must choose more adventures creating a "Bucket List" tour for us to guide you on your skydiving adventure. If you only want to skydive and nothing more then we can still make your appointment and send you directly there but you will need to arrange your own transportation to Dillingham Airfield. 

Godspeed Adventures works exclusively with Pacific Skydiving Center; the number one skydive center in Hawaii with a perfect safety record. The tandem Instructor you will jump with is a highly experienced skydiver with thousands of jumps (their most experienced instructor has over 21,000 jumps!) And your Godspeed Adventures tour guide goes with you IN and OUT of the plane!

The skydive exit is from a brand new, state-of-the-art, $2mil “Sky-Van” that climbs to 14,000-15,000 feet in only 12 minutes! (This is the highest you can go without supplemental oxygen).

You will experience a 60+ second freefall while you enjoy the most spectacular view… This is truly the most amazing place to skydive in the world. Once you or your tandem instructor deploys your parachute you will enjoy a 5-minute ride down while enjoying breath-taking views of the entire North Shore. If all goes well, you should have a smooth and safe landing. 


  • You must be at least 18-years old or older to jump. 
  • No scuba within 24-hours of skydiving.
  • Weight limit is 250lbs. (113kg) and there is a $10 supplement for each 10lbs. over 200lbs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Skydiving:

Q. Why would anyone jump from a perfectly good airplane? 

A. Really?

Q. What should I wear?

A. Nothing. Skydivers have been known to wear nothing during their skydives, but you might want to wear shorts, sneakers and a T-shirt… or nothing… your call.

Q. Can “Ride Along” companions come along to watch us jump out from inside the plane?

A. Yes. A companion can go up with everyone in the plane but does not have to jump… although they will probably wished they had. They wear a parachute and will be given a short briefing before boarding the aircraft... on how to fly the plane in case the pilot decides to jump out with the rest of us. Note: Small extra fee for this option and is not always available, it is up to the pilot on duty at the time.

Q. Is skydiving safe?

A. No. Well, actually… YES! Skydiving is like any other extreme sport; there are inherent risks that require careful training and execution. Failure to follow that training can lead to serious injury or death. Skydiving is as safe as the individual(s) make it and can be as safe as or safer than any other extreme sport… However, may we remind you that you are on an Extreme Hawaii Tour and it’s because there are risks; that’s what makes it exciting and why we love this sport! Stop thinking about that and just jump!

Q. Can I jump by myself?

A. Sure, but not today. Your first and second jump must be tandem, in which you're harnessed to the front of an instructor. If you like what you experience then come back and get certified to jump by yourself very soon. 

Q. What will the skydive feel like?

A. It’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on. The sensation of freefall is more like flying than falling, and is intensely exciting. The canopy flight is peaceful and relaxing…

Q. How fast do you fall?

A. The average human body falls approximately 125 miles per hour. If you are good looking you will fall much faster.

Q. What's the landing like?

A. Most landings are quite soft, with many people doing stand-up landings. Sometimes, especially on calm days, the forward speed of the parachute will provide you with a smooth sit-down sliding landing. If we are running behind on our tour schedule we may divert the landing portion of your skydive directly into the shark cage to make up for lost time. Let's try to stay on schedule.

Q. What happens if the parachute doesn't open?

A. Pray. If that doesn't work, pray harder! Although it is unlikely that your main parachute will fail to open properly, it does sometimes occur and this is a common question. According to federal law, every jumper must be equipped with a main and a reserve parachute. In addition, all equipment has an Automated Activation Device (AAD), which will automatically open the reserve parachute should the jumpers be unable to.

Q. Will you teach me to base-jump from my hotel room? 

A. Yes. 

Enough questions.... LET'S JUMP!!! 

Skydiving Adventure
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Shark-Cage Adventure

Shark-Cage Adventure

SHARK CAGE DIVE $150 passenger/boat rider $95

 "Pearls don't lie on the seashore. If you want one, you must dive for it."  > Chinese Proverb

Experience the thrill of meeting sharks face to face in the pristine waters of Oahu, Hawaii. From the safety of a cage, you will see the ocean's majestic hunters in their natural environment, surrounded by the deep blue of the North Shore.

Check out this 1-minute Godspeed Adventures Shark-Cage Information video!

Shark-Cage Adventure Includes: 

Pick-up, transportation to North Shore Haleiwa Harbor and back.

Priority V.I.P. service so we are first in, first out so alleviating the typical long wait and transportation times.

2-hour round trip boat ride to shark-cage location 3 miles out and approx 20-minutes in cage.

We go with you on the boat and in the water so we can take photos and video.

Beverages, snacks and lunch.  

Memories of a lifetime. 

*Please note that you must choose more adventures creating a "Bucket List" tour for us to guide you on your shark-cage adventure. If you only want to do the shark-cage dive then we will make your appointment but you will need to arrange your own transportation to the North Shore. 

More than just an adventure, this educational open ocean shark tour takes you into a world that few can ever experience. Watch the sharks as they glide gracefully through the deep blue.

We take you over three miles off shore, where you can observe Galapagos and Sandbar sharks in their natural environment from the safety of a floating cage. No scuba experience is necessary, you enter the cage from above and stay on the surface using a mask and snorkel. 

Education is a very important part of our shark adventure. You will be presented with fascinating facts about shark biology and behavior, about ocean life, conservation issues and about the significance of sharks in Hawaiian culture and mythology.

What's out there?


Galapagos Shark “Carcharinus Galapagensis”

Reaching 12-feet in length and weighing as much as 400 pounds, this shark is known as an aggressive and dangerous shark. We believe that this classification is a little exaggerated due to a behavior that is bold and curious. They come very close, as in right-against-the-cage close. These sharks can be seen any time of year but during spring and early summer they are numerous. There isn't much more excitement than being in a cage completely surrounded by these awesome animals.


Sandbar Shark “Carcharinus Plumbeus” 

The sandbar shark is a common shark with an average size of 4-6 feet and a maximum size of almost 8 feet. These quick and agile sharks often swarm around the boat and cage. Our most consistent visitor, the sandbars can be bet upon to show up almost immediately after we do.


Tiger Shark “Galeocerdo Cuvier”

A very rare encounter that happens just a couple times a year. When they do come, this notorious shark is amazingly camera shy. This photo and the other tiger photos on the gallery page were a very lucky combination of being in the right place at the right time!


Humpback Whale “Megaptera Novaeangliae” 

During whale season, (around November to March) whale sightings are almost certain. Quite often they come very close and their songs can be heard while swimming in the cage. Hawaii is a humpback whale sanctuary and approaching the within 200 meters of them is prohibited. However, if they come to you it is another story and sometimes they come in for a pretty close look.


Spinner Dolphin “Stenella longirostris” 

Our tours often begin or end with a dolphin escort.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Shark-Cage Dive:

Q. Will I get seasick?

A. If you are prone to motion sickness, yes you will. During the shark encounter, the boat is drifting with the engine off. Even on the calmest days, the boat never stops rocking. If you plan on taking something like Dramamine, read the instructions. It must be taken in advance.

Q. How deep is the ocean where you see the sharks?

A. It is over 600 feet deep at the tour site. You cannot see the bottom. The water is incredibly clear and blue here.

Q. Why do the sharks show up?

A. Because we tell them too via text, email and Facebook. The North Shore has always had a large resident group of Galapagos and Sandbar Sharks. Because these sharks are bottom feeding sharks that look for crab, crustaceans and octopus, they prefer the areas of the ocean at the 150 to 200 foot depth. They also cruise to scavenge for sick, weak or dying fish which is why they are so important in keeping our oceans clean. They will also check out anything that floats in the water column, such as debris and of course the boat and cage, as fish life in the open blue ocean will often congregate under and around such floating objects. Crab fishermen have had their cages here for 50-years and when they pull their cages up and toss the bait and less desirable catches back in the ocean, the sharks feed off that too. We visit that site where the sharks naturally show up and observe them as they go about their business.

Q. Can I go outside of the cage?

A. Sure, makes your video more exciting… at least for the rest of us. Actually no, you can’t. You would probably be fine, but these are big sharks with lots of teeth so we don't want to risk a guest getting bit... or even worse; you biting the shark.

Q. Do I need experience with scuba diving or snorkeling to go inside the shark cage?

A. No! You only need to be able to climb down a short ladder and hang onto a handrail.

Q. Can the cage sink?

A. No, it won’t. Floats surround the cage on all sides and they keep it level in the water. The top of the cage is actually 2-feet above the surface. The cage is also tied to the boat with several lines.

Q. How do I get in the cage?

A. The cage gets pulled right next to the boat and you step down a very solid ladder directly inside the cage.

Q. Will the sharks attack the cage?

A. The sharks will come very close to the cage to investigate but they do not charge at the cage or try to bite the people inside. Human beings are not on the natural menu of these sharks, as is the case with most sharks. However, if you are very attractive we can’t make any guarantees.

Q. How long is the tour?

A. It's a 2-hour tour, including a 15-min boat ride to and from the site. 

Q. What equipment should I bring?

A. All you need in the cage is a mask and snorkel and we provide that. A towel and sunscreen may be a good idea to bring. If you prefer to use your own snorkeling equipment, feel free.

Shark-Cage Boat Rider
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Shark-Cage Dive Adventure
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Kayaking / SUP Adventures

Kayaking / SUP Adventures





Check out this 1-minute Godspeed Adventures Kayaking/SUP Adventures Information video!

All Kayaking Adventures Include: 

Pick-up, transportation to launch location and back.

Kayaks, gear & snorkeling equipment. NOTE: Paddleboards are also an option.

Guided tour out to and all around the island, up the rivers, along the coastlines and hiking trails. 

Cliff-jumping, kayak-surfing, paddle boarding, paddle-surfing and snorkeling available at most locations!

Awesome picnic lunch. We usually stop at Whole Foods on the way where you choose anything you wish for lunch and we pack it to go for a picnic.

Various snacks to include chips, nuts, trail mix, fruit and beverages to include water, flavored water, soda, beer, wine and more.

Ice chests, ice, beach chairs, towels and water shoes.

Music and waterproof speakers. 

We take photos and video of the entire day so all you have to do is enjoy your adventure tour.

Memories of a lifetime. 


Moku Nui

Nā Mokulua (meaning, "the two islands" in Hawaiian) are two islets .75miles off the windward coast of Oahu, commonly known as "The Mokes". They are both seabird sanctuaries, the smaller, Moku Iki is off-limits to visitors, as is the interior of the larger island; Moku Nui. 

Moku Nui Island is a very special place that very few people have ever been to. It is a relatively easy island to reach via kayak or paddle board depending on weather and surf conditions. Our new 2-man "sit on top" kayaks are very easy to navigate and are perfect for first-timers/beginner's or the more experienced.  It takes approximately 30-minutes to casually kayak out 3/4th a mile before we reach the island. No prior experience is necessary but this will require some (not a great deal) of physical effort. If you want something easy and more relaxing you may consider kayaking to Mokoli’i or up one of the rivers or canals.

There is a beautiful sandy beach out there where we set everything up to enjoy the breath taking views looking back to the main island. We soak in the sunshine and have a nice picnic lunch on the beach. The ocean swells hit the rocky backside of the island creating a wrap-around effect bringing the waves together on the beach side as they collide together and very impressive to watch. We can kayak-surf, paddleboard, paddle-surf on the front side of the island. The waters are very clear and filled with Green Sea Turtles and many types of colorful reef fish, perfect for snorkeling.

Then we can explore the island and visit “Queen’s Bath” and go around the backside of the island (weather and surf conditions permitting) where you will discover a beautiful, emerald-green cove and swim in the beautiful waters. If you are really adventurous then we can cliff-jump from levels ranging from 12 to 60-feet. This true Hawaiian adventure is best enjoyed as a full-day adventure but a half-day adventure is an option.

Check out these pics to see and learn more!

Mokoliʻi Island (a.k.a. “Chinaman’s Hat”)

Mokoliʻi Island is a 12.5-acre, 206-foot-tall (63m) basalt island 1/3 miles (0.54 km) offshore of Kualoa Point, Oahu. It is also known as "Chinaman's Hat" for its likeness to the straw hats Chinese immigrants wore. This can be enjoyed as a full-day adventure but better suited for a half-day adventure combined with other adventures. Our new 2-man "sit on top" kayaks are very easy to navigate and are perfect for first-timers/beginner's or the more experienced.  

It takes approximately 20-minutes to casually kayak out 1/3rd a mile from Kualoa Park before we reach the island. No prior experience is necessary and won’t require a great deal of physical effort. There is a little beach on the ocean-facing side, nestled within a secluded cove accompanied by a few coconut palms. 

Making it to the top of the island's steep cone is not too much of a challenge, taking about 20-minutes. The views looking back to Oahu are amazing of the Koolau Mountains, Mokapu Peninsula, Kaneohe, Kahaluu, and Kailua.  This is another true Hawaiian Adventure! 

Archaeologists discovered that Mokoli’i and the Kualoa area are of historic importance. Evidence has shown that Kualoa was the training ground for Oahu's high chiefs. It was also the residence of Kualii, first king of Oahu. The eastern part of Mokoli’I Island was a quarry and basalt taken from it was used to make adze for Hawaiians warriors. They used seawater and sand poured into hollows in the island's rock to shape their blades. Traces of these work areas can still be seen even now.

Check out these pics to see and learn more!

Kayak (or paddle board) hike & explore various rivers & canals around Oahu

There are a few rivers and canals around the island of Oahu that we can explore. River kayaking or paddle boarding is great for those that are looking for something very serene and calm, moving at a slower pace than open ocean kayaking would be. Our new 2-man "sit on top" kayaks are very easy to navigate and are perfect for first-timers/beginner's or the more experienced. No prior experience is necessary and won’t require a great deal of physical effort. 

Check out these pics to see and learn more!

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Circle-Island Adventure Tour

Circle-Island Adventure Tour




See all the majestic beauty of Oahu in one amazing day! "Oh, the places we will go!" This island will truly take your breath away. It's really not even a tour, it's an adventure!

Check out this 90-Second Godspeed Adventures Circle-Island Adventure Information video!

Our private, Circle-Island-Adventure Tour is our most popular tour is like no other allowing us to customize the tour and explore places around the island based on your interests, desires and your physical capabilities. We will see the popular tourist landmark locations and better yet; those “off the beaten path” too. We can go beyond that and explore, hike and discover places few ever get to see if you are adventurous and up for mini-expeditions around the island.

Throughout the day you will learn all about the sites, and the rich Hawaiian history and culture. Since we have made many award-winning films and documentaries about Hawaiian history, culture and the islands over the last 15-years we are well-qualified and honored to share the amazing stories with you.

To really see and explore the island, we need a full day. But if you only have a half day then we can make the most of it by focusing on what interests you most.

An option to consider is bringing kayaks and/or paddleboards with us and stop along the way for some water adventures. We can also incorporate several beautiful hikes along the way too.

Pick-up time can be between 8-9AM and return time around 5-6PM for all-day tours. Truth is, we are on no time constraints and we move at your pace... many tours have been known to go 10-12 hours, so if you're having fun, we're having fun and really don't want to stop at all!

Circle-Island-Adventure Tour Includes:

  • Private, custom tour tailored to your likes, interests, abilities and desires.
  • Transportation all around this magnificent island.
  • Many stops with hiking, beach time and exploring involved. 
  • Beverages to include water, flavored sparkling water, soda, beer, wine and more.
  • Great variety of snacks, fresh fruit and an awesome lunch that you choose prepared as you want from Whole Foods in Kailua (where we usually go) or any other place you wish to go to. We typically pack it to go and have a picnic along the way at one of the amazing beaches.
  • I provide snorkeling gear, beach chairs, and more.
  • Many stops with hiking, beach time and exploring involved depending on what you wish to see and do.
  • I take very professional photos of your entire tour day all around the island then upload all of them to DropBox and email you the link to download. This way you can enjoy the day and not worry about missing anything. This is INCLUDED in the price.
  • Memories of a lifetime.  

Places we can/will go:

  • South Shore Oahu / Waikiki / Diamondhead. We could climb to the top or simply drive inside the crater for a quick view.
  • Windward coastline drive, various stops along the way.
  • Hanauma Bay Lookout.
  • Halona Cove & Halona Blowhole. Unlike most tour companies, we go down into the cove to hike and explore further and visit the Green Sea Turtles that live down there. We can also explore a very cool, secret tunnel few know about that brings us to a special place.
  • Sandy’s Beach.
  • Makapu'u Lookout & lighthouse. If you are adventurous, we can hike up the lighthouse trail and even go down to the “Makapu'u Tide Pools” which is a little more aggressive trail. You can see the tide pools from the paved trail above and decide. This hike will take time away from other site locations so we may want to start your tour earlier in the morning. See our “Hiking Adventures” page for more information on this particular hike.
  • Waimanalo Beach.
  • Kailua and Lanikai Beach. This is where we typically have a picnic lunch. Beach chairs, umbrella, towels and beach blanket is provided and set up for you. If you want, we could go on the “Lanikai Pill Boxes” hike while we are in the area. See our “Hiking Adventures” page for more information on this particular hike.
  • Byodo-In Buddhist Temple in the Valley of the temples.
  • Kualoa Ranch Park / Chinaman's Hat lookout.
  • La'ie Point & Nu'uanu Pali Lookouts.
  • Oahu's North Shore; visit various well-known beaches like Waimea Bay, Sunset Beach, Pipeline, Laniakea Beach (a.k.a. Green Sea Turtle Beach) Haleiwa Beach, etc.
  • The town of Haleiwa. We can also visit Waialua Estate Coffee and Cacao plantation and do a short tour (included).
  • While on the North Shore, we can visit the popular shrimp trucks and shaved-ice locations if you would like.
  • Dole Pineapple Pavilion for some of the world-famous “Dole Whip” pineapple ice cream.
  • If you are up for it either at the beginning or end of the day we could go on a relatively easy hike through a beautiful rain forest up to Manoa Falls to an amazing 150ft waterfall. See our “Hiking Adventures” page for more information on this particular hike.
  • We can go on a very short walk/hike to visit the Old Kamehameha Kaniakapupu Ruins & Luakaha Waterfall mid-day or at the end of our day. See our “Hiking Adventures” page for more information on this particular hike.
  • We could visit the secret “Mermaid Caves” sea caves on the Westside of Oahu if time permits.
  • Throughout the day we look for Green Sea Turtles, Hawaiian Monk Seals and many other amazing creatures since we know where they typically hang out! 
  • We can visit many other locations based on your interests, abilities and as time permits.

Check out these recent pics taken during our Circle-Island-Adventure tours with our happy customers.